Thyroid Disease dataset

Dataset information

The original thyroid disease (ann-thyroid) dataset from UCI machine learning repository is a classification dataset, which is suited for training ANNs. It has 3772 training instances and 3428 testing instances. It has 15 categorical and 6 real attributes. The problem is to determine whether a patient referred to the clinic is hypothyroid. Therefore three classes are built: normal (not hypothyroid), hyperfunction and subnormal functioning. For outlier detection, 3772 training instances are used, with only 6 real attributes. The hyperfunction class is treated as outlier class and other two classes are inliers, because hyperfunction is a clear minority class.

Source (citation)

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Saket Sathe and Charu C. Aggarwal. LODES: Local Density meets Spectral Outlier Detection. SIAM Conference on Data Mining, 2016.


File: thyroid.mat

Description: X = Multi-dimensional point data, y = labels (1 = outliers, 0 = inliers)