Satimage-2 dataset

Dataset information

The original Statlog (Landsat Satellite) dataset from UCI machine learning repository is a multi-class classification dataset. Here, the training and test data are combined. Class 2 is down-sampled to 71 outliers, while all the other classes are combined to form an inlier class. The modified dataset is referred to as Satimage-2.

Source (citation)

A. Zimek, M. Gaudet, R. J. Campello, and J. Sander,Subsampling for efficient and effective unsupervised outlier detection ensembles.” in ACM SIGKDD, 2013, pp. 428–436.

C. C. Aggarwal and S. Sathe, “Theoretical foundations and algorithms for outlier ensembles.” ACM SIGKDD Explorations Newsletter, vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 24–47, 2015.Downloads


File: satimage-2.mat

Description: X = Multi-dimensional point data, y = labels (1 = outliers, 0 = inliers)