ChallengeNetwork dataset

Dataset Information

The Cyber Challenge Network traffic flow data has been carefully simulated in a realistic manner at NGAS R&T Space Park ( which mimics operations and anomalies that correspond to real-world events. The simulated data is over 217 hours (≈9 days) and captures the interactions between hosts in the network. The dataset contains the to-from information of the interactions along with the time stamps. The time-aggregated graph representing the whole network has 125 nodes and 352 undirected edges connecting them.

Source (citation)

An Ensemble Approach for Event Detection and Characterization in Dynamic Graphs. Shebuti Rayana, Leman Akoglu. ACM SIGKDD 2nd Workshop on Outlier Detection and Description (ODD^2@KDD 2014), New York, NY, USA, Aug. 2014.


File: AllNetworkData.csv